Ku’s Study is Focus of Washington Post Story on Economic Impacts from Repealing the ACA

Studies conducted by GW Health Policy and Management Professor Leighton Ku with other HPM staffers are mentioned in a Washington Post “Wonkblog” story published on July 25 while the Senate was debating its amendment for repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act. “1 million jobs on the line as Senate votes on health care’’ begins by citing Ku’s team finding that America could lose more than 1 million jobs if the Senate votes to repeal the ACA.

Better Care Reconciliation Act Could Cause Loss of Nearly 1.5 Million Jobs by 2026

Almost Every State Will See Fewer Jobs and Weaker Economies

HPM Presentations at AcademyHealth Conference

Some of the HPM faculty, staff and students who attended AcademyHealth this year.

Ten GW Health Policy and Management students, staff, faculty and affiliates gave presentations or posters at the AcademyHealth annual research meeting for health services and health policy held in New Orleans on June 25-27. The conference helped showcase the vibrant and diverse research being done in the department.

Those making presentations and giving posters included:

The American Health Care Act Could Cause Loss of Nearly A Million Jobs by 2026; New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, Michigan to Lose Most

“Within a decade, almost a million fewer people would have jobs."

NBC News Publishes Ku’s Predictions for Impacts of the American Health Care Act

On the day that Professor Leighton Ku and his GW Health Policy and Management team published their predictions for the economic consequences of the American Health Care Act, NBC News published them.  

The piece included Ku’s observations that “the AHCA would initially cause a brief spurt of economic growth from tax cuts, which primarily help those with high incomes…. however, cuts in funding for Medicaid and health subsidies then begin to deepen, triggering sharp job losses and broad disruption of state economies in the following years.”