Rosenbaum Speaks Out on Important Health Policy Subjects

In recent weeks, Sara Rosenbaum of George Washington University’s Milken Institute School of Public Health has been quoted widely on the radio and in print in addition to publishing a blog. 

Rosenbaum, the Harold and Jane Hirsh Professor of Health Law and Policy, is the lead author of a To the Point blog published by the Commonwealth Fund on the importance of long-term funding and sustained investments in primary care infrastructure.  Senior Research Assistant Rachel Gunsalus and Senior Research Associate Jessica Sharac were coauthors on the piece, which argues for the value of making ongoing investments in primary care personnel, training, and health information technology. They stress that strong primary care is the foundation of health care and point out that short-term funding extensions such as the one included in February’s Bipartisan Budget Act create a situation in which the potential for instability looms.  (Read the blog)

In a segment aired on National Public Radio about a community telehealth center that serves patients without asking about their immigration status, Rosenbaum observed:  “Keeping your patients feeling that they can trust that using the health center services will not expose them is a huge, huge challenge.”  At least 96 NPR-affiliated stations ran the story.  (Read a transcript or listen to the broadcast)

U.S. News and World Report quoted Rosenbaum in articles about how Medicaid work requirements could impact older Americans and are inspiring some states to reconsider expanding the criteria for Medicaid eligibility. A blog in Bloomberg BNA included Rosenbaum’s thoughts on how much work requirements can really impact Medicaid. And a piece in Vox featured Rosenbaum’s thoughts on the implications of a plan being considered in Michigan, which exempts people who live in counties with higher unemployment rates from Medicaid work requirements on recipients of different racial backgrounds.

In an article by California Healthline, Rosenbaum was quoted on how California is pushing back on the Trump Administration’s health policies. This article was picked up by 45 additional media outlets.