Speaking for the Record: The Public Health Implications of Medicaid Work Experiments

In June, a federal district court ruled in Stewart v Azar that the HHS Secretary acted unlawfully in approving Kentucky’s Medicaid work demonstration, because he never even considered the issue that lies at the heart of any federally-sanctioned experiment carried our pursuant to § 1115 of the Social Security Act – how the demonstration will promote the objectives of the program that is the subject of the experiment.  In Medicaid’s case, that objective is to give people medical assistance – the means by

Blog: Learning About Health Management and Policy in Israel (2 of 3)

The MHA@GW students visited government and healthcare facilities in Jerusalem and the Negev Desert and discussed issues including health policy, long term care and dealing with mass casualties.

Blog: Learning About Health Management and Policy in Israel

Students in the Milken Institute School of Public Health at the George Washington University’s MHA@GW program recently took a 5-day trip to Israel, a country and region that experiences intense environmental pressures. The trip's leader explains the value of studying health policy and management in a country that succeeds in guaranteeing a comprehensive basket of health services to all citizens and permanent residents with public health outcomes that are among the best in the world, all at a cost of 7.4% of its GDP.

Blog: The New District of Columbia Policy to Protect Insurance Coverage

The District of Columbia recently took an important step to protect health insurance coverage by creating a District-specific health insurance requirement.  This is in response to the unexpected termination of the federal health insurance requirement, which Congress narrowly passed last December.  The Affordable Care Act had required that federal taxpayers, except some with low incomes, to have health insurance or pay a federal income tax penalty.  The underlying logic was that this would incentivize more people to get coverage and prevent insurance premiums from rising for the great majori