New Report Estimates That Up to 43,000 in Montana Could Lose Health Coverage Due to Medicaid Work Requirements

Parents of young children, caregivers for the disabled, seasonal workers and other poor people in rural areas of Montana would be most affected.

GAO Finds that Some State Medicaid Programs Are Not Meeting Federal Health Coverage Requirements

State-reported information on Medicaid coverage of abortions Report identifies seven key factors that could pose challenges to women accessing abortions.

Graduates of For-Profit Nursing Schools Do Not Perform as Well on Nurse Licensure Test, Study Shows

Medical team including nurses Study raises questions about the for-profit nursing programs that have proliferated over the past decade.

Tool for Aiding States Developing and Adopting Value-based Medicaid Payment Models for Home- and Community-based Services

By the end of last year, the Medicaid programs in nearly half of all U.S. states had contracted with managed care plans to cover long-term services and supports for adults, children and seniors with chronic illnesses and disabling conditions. The Center for Health Care Strategies, Inc., which has partnered with nearly every state in the country to promote innovations in publicly financed health care over the past 24 years, recently created a tool to help states that are developing and adopting value-based Medicaid payment models for home and community-based services for long-term care.

Guidelines to Aid Providers in Inquiring about and Responding to Women’s Trauma

Physician listening to a female patient

In response to the growing recognition of the role of trauma in physical and behavioral health conditions and the need or guidance on how to offer trauma-informed care, a group of trauma experts from multiple disciplines published a commentary in Women’s Health Issues. Edward L.