New Data on the Cost-shifting Debate Published in the National Bureau of Economic Research

New research published by the nonprofit, nonpartisan National Bureau of Economic Research provides new data on a longstanding debate in health economics and health policy:  whether or not hospitals “cost-shift” by adjusting prices with private insurers following reductions in public funding.  The new analysis shows that between 2010 and 2015, hospitals reacted to reduced Medicare payments by negotiating 1.6 percent average higher payments from private insurers,  increased prices that added an average of $86,500 per hospital for acute care claims for privately insured patients to offset reim

Blog: Health Management Implications of the New Healthcare Company Being Formed by Amazon, JP Morgan Chase and Berkshire Hathaway

The creation of a new health company by Amazon, JP Morgan Chase and Berkshire Hathaway has major potential implications to the existing healthcare business model.  I am hopeful that these three well-run businesses will be able to build on their strengths in technology, innovation, analytics, underwriting and insurance, and mergers and acquisitions to create a new approach to healthcare that inspires others to follow suit.

One Man’s Impact on Nursing Home Administration

Harvey Wertlieb was a health care entrepreneur whose companies owned and operated nursing homes, hospital units and other facilities in the Washington area.

Experiences of Las Vegas Hospital Administrator Suggest New Approach to Disaster Management Exercises

Curtis Leoni, a police officer from Colorado who was shot on October 1, his girlfriend, Robin Davis, Nevada Lieutenant Governor Mark Hutchinson, and Ryan Jensen at the Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center

What happened at a hospital in Las Vegas after the mass shooting on the evening of October 1st has convinced the hospital’s chief executive officer to expand disaster training exercises. 

As Ryan Jensen explains, his hospital, Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center, is not a designated trauma center.  However, the facility ended up treating more than 100 people wounded in the mass shooting because victims were transported there by friends and other heroic citizens who found the hospital on their GPSes. 

16 Professionals Tapped as Health Equity Fellows

"We are delighted with the experience, diversity, and mission commitment of this class of Leaders for Health Equity Fellows." – Fitzhugh Mullan, MD, the Co-Director of the George Washington University's LHE program