HPM Team Publishes in Journal of School Health

A team of HPM researchers including Professorial Lecturer Mary-Beth Malcarney, Research Professor Katie Horton, and Associate Research Professor Naomi Seiler jointly authored a publication in the Journal of School Health, "Overcoming Medicaid Reimbursement Barriers to Funding School Nursing Servi

Health Disparities in Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Timing

Health Policy and Management Professor and Chair Thomas LaVeist was the lead author of a study published in the journal Cancer Control.  He and his colleagues analyzed data about 749 men (353 black and 396 white) who were 40 to 81 years of age when they entered the North Carolina Central Cancer Registry during the years 2007 and 2008.

Research Shows Impact of Social Environment on Health Disparities

Thomas LaVeist, Health Policy and Management Professor and Chair, is the lead author of a study published in Family and Community Health.  The research involved men living in a racially integrated neighborhood of Baltimore, and the study suggests that race disparities often found in other studies related to men’s level of physical activity, smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol were less likely among men living under similar social, environmental, and socioeconomic status conditions.

Improving the Quality of Care at Hospitals that Serve Minorities

A study led by Health Policy and Management Professor and Chair Thomas LaVeist explored the association between quality of care for surgical and pneumonia patients and the racial/ethnic composition of hospitals' patients.  Published in the Journal of General and Family Medicine, the study used data from the 2012 Medicare Hospital Compare Data, the 2011 American Hospital Association Annual Survey of Hospitals, and the Healthcare Costs and Utilization Project.