Leighton Ku Speaks on the Future of Medicaid

Professor Leighton Ku was a featured speaker at a May 19 symposium on “Obamacare After Obama” in Springfield, Illinois. The symposium was sponsored by the Southern Illinois University School of Law and Southern Illinois Health System.  Materials from all the speakers can be found here.

Ruth Lopert Speaks at World Bank Roundtable

Adjunct Professor Ruth Lopert participated in a World Bank roundtable entitled “Killing them softly: How wasteful spending, is harming patients and health budgets, and the need for new policy,” on May 9.

Ruth Lopert Speaks at Algerian Ministry of Health Roundtable

Adjunct Professor Ruth Lopert participated in a roundtable on “Regulation & Control of Biologics & Biosimilars” in Algiers. The event was convened by the Algerian Ministry of Health, on April 24.

Naomi Seiler Presents at SYNChronicity Conference

Associate Research Professor Naomi Seiler presented research findings on alternative Ryan White program funding models on April 24 at SYNChronicity, the National Conference for HIV, HCV and LGBT Health in Arlington, Virginia.

HPM Lecture: Health Sector Leadership Competencies for an Unknowable Future

Leonard Friedman, Professor of Health Policy and Management and MHA Programs Director, spoke at a HPM event, "Health Sector Leadership Competencies for an Unknowable Future."  Preparation of health sector leaders is based on satisfying a set of competencies based on environmental assumptions of how the world works today. Given the pace with which internal and external healthcare environments are changing, are the competencies that are appropriate today the ones that make the most sense for a world that is yet unknown?