A Rare Opportunity to Hear What Medicaid Recipients Think About Requiring Work for Medicaid Coverage

Arguments for and against Medicaid work requirements have been made repeatedly in the media, particularly since the beginning of the Trump administration, but there have been few opportunities to hear what Medicaid recipients think about requiring work for coverage.

Leighton Ku and Sara Rosenbaum Communicate About Health Reform Impacts

 As Congressional consideration of efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act proceed, Health Policy and Management faculty Leighton Ku and Sara Rosenbaum have been busy communicating with the media and others about potential consequences of the legislative proposals and of the importance of Medicaid.  The two have been quoted in dozens of print and broadcast media articles and spots over the past few months.  

Proposals to End Medicaid Expansions Threaten Support to Address the Opioid Crisis

A new analysis by GW Health Policy and Management researchers concludes that Medicaid expansions are helping states cope with the rising toll taken by the opioid crisis. It also suggests that Congressional proposals to end the Medicaid expansion program may undermine efforts to address this growing public health problem.