CMS Data on Health Care Spending by State

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services released data on health care spending by state today.  It shows that while most states experienced faster growth in 2014 due to Medicaid expansion and enrollment in Exchange plans, per capita health spending in Medicaid expansion and non-expansion states grew at similar rates. The report also found that the most recent economic recession, which ended in 2009, and modest recovery since then, had a sustained impact on health spending and health insurance coverage.

Leighton Ku Speaks on the Future of Medicaid

Professor Leighton Ku was a featured speaker at a May 19 symposium on “Obamacare After Obama” in Springfield, Illinois. The symposium was sponsored by the Southern Illinois University School of Law and Southern Illinois Health System.  Materials from all the speakers can be found here.

Erin Brantley Presents at National Conference on Tobacco or Health

Senior Research Associate Erin Brantley presented “Linking Data to Uncover Medicaid’s Role in Cessation” at the National Conference on Tobacco or Health in Austin, Texas, on March 22. The study is coauthored by Senior Research Scientist Erika Steinmetz, Lead Research Scientist Brian Bruen and Professor Leighton Ku. The presentation was part of a panel on the Tobacco Use Supplement to the Current Population Survey.